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Exhibiting Artists 2018

Michele Bianco

Diana Bourne-Arton

Beryl Braddock

Ian Burke

Richard Burnley

Jane Burnley

Julia Burns

Stephen Cocker

Frankie Cranfield

Gary Crowder
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Kane Cunningham

Susan Dugdale

David Edwards

Boo Everett

Katrine Furness

Robin Furness

Lesley Gore
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Clare Granger

Michael Green
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Frances Green

Stephen Heward

Peter Hicks

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Adam King

Jane Kitching

Clare Lindley

Jan Lord

Luci Maclaren

Sue Major
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Relton Marine

Gillian Martin

Emerson Mayes

Angie McCall

Glynis Mills

Clare Money
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Lynne Moore

Robert Newton

Sue Nichol

Keith Nichols

Pamela Osborne

Jemima Perceval Maxwell

Jonathan Pomroy

Anna Poulton

Christine Pybus

Ailsa Read

Leila Roberts

Annie Robinson

Elizabeth Sandie

Ian Scott Massie

Lesley Seeger

Susan Sharrard
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Rob Shaw

Roger Simpson

Claire Smith

Catriona Stewart

Jane Thorniley-Walker

Esther Thorniley-Walker

Anna Tosney

Shirley Vauvelle

Colleen Vaux

John Warburton

William Watson-West

Jill Welham

Susan Wilmot

Helen Wrigley

** Yore Valley Artists

UK Youth North


Founded in 1911, UK Youth improves social mobility by providing high quality services for young people aged 9 to 25 that are delivered through a network of locally accessible youth organisations across the UK.

Our vision is for all young people to be empowered to build bright futures, whatever their background or circumstances.

Our reach- we work primarily with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from a wide range of religious and cultural environments, family settings, academic ability levels and geographic locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK Youth simply couldn’t continue its vital work without the funds raised at Art for Youth North.

 To find out more about UK Youth’s work visit or read their latest annual review.

Our support sponsors for:

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